All the Haiku worth keeping

posted by: Wesley Ismay

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Glory be ruin
Of many a young soul Devine

Funny how persons
I find most friendly have lost
It all, perspective

Shit out; shat on day
In day out, owe me money
Offer bed sleep naught

Allegory store
Music play over mind cease
Wonder why beliefs?

When will people stand
Under inflated egos
And into being

Jog topless day
Stretch marks to shame, blame me

Niggardly intent
White boy give food freely thus
Punched in face for words

Modern day speakeasy
Where that be? Dunkin donuts
Bot humans drive through

Liberty birthright
Social security ploy
Take away all rights.

If you got the time
I be spitting thoughts sublime
Again, how do I rhyme?

The farther down the rabbit hole I get the more I realize the less I know.

Depression engulf
Start brand spanking Adidas
Wearing or something

Get one thing out of
Madness hopefully sins and
Synonyms not same.

Just be myself leave
A note, haiku is all I
Got other than bills

Hypothetical hike who
Heavenly haiku guru
Spit it, set you free

Ignorance is bliss
Blessedness; answer for all
You decide forthwith

Life continues on
Time may bury this body
Let love devour

Enjoy agony
Colours of friends bereft of bliss
Might hang with enemy

Foreign policy
War all around the tubes watch
Has not changed since born

I do not want no
recognition just love with
All, who is with me?

OBAMA will save
our future. Sure HOPE so right
Another patsy.

All a customized license plate is a license to say “nothing illegal going on here”.

And what do we do
But sit and watch; new masters
play us for the fool

SuperHero films
Present blockbuster. Why that?
U.S.A. Villain

Thieve from wal*mart crime
Serve my sentence of a dime
I should not have. Rhyme

All the four syllable words I overheard in jail: commissary motherfucker

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