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The winning of battles is the product of the winning of men. The aptitude is not an endowment of formal education…In the military services though there are niches for the pedant, character is at all times at least as vital as intellect, and the main rewards go to him who can make other men feel toughened as well as elevated.

Quiet resolution.

The hardness to take risks.

The will to take full responsibility for decision.

The readiness to share its rewards with subordinates.

An equal readiness to take the blame wwhen things go adversely.

The nerve to sruvive storm and disapointment and to face toward each day with the socresheet wiped clean, neither dwelling on one’s own success nor accepting discouragement from one’s failures.

In these things lie a great part of the essence of leadership, for they are the constituents of that kind of moral courage that has enabled one man to many things to him an any age.

S. L. A. Marhsall
The Armed Forces Officer

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