Rain Brain

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How people react walking in the rain is a fascinating consideration. Most will bundle up reacting to the overflowing from the skies. The water droplets come down bombarding their preferred dryness. People huddle up closely if among others, contorting their individual upper bodies so as to lessen the amount of surface area that water can get onto them. To lessen the surface area of water will somehow make the experience less unpleasant. This act exhibits what many desire: control of their environment.

Their usual comportment towards life has been transgressed upon. Most will never think that there is alternative to this mode.

The rain is falling, and what is that to me? The alternative accepts the rain. Why bundle myself up? If I contort my body in such a way, what will that gain me really? Confirming an unpleasant experience with others who conform to this default mode of walking. Most will concur with this unpleasant present state, but what if I just accept the rain? The flowers bloom because of this and flowers are spectacularly awesome. Accept the offering of rain as a gift and walk with the knowledge that the individual cannot alter the weather.

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