/g/ wifi bad for you?

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>>61125073 (OP)
It unfortunately is, everywhere. Wi-Fi is bad for you. So enjoy your nice, relaxing, pseudohealthy outdoor computing session while you’re raising your risk of cancer, fucking up your immune system, reducing your dendritic arborization, negatively altering synaptogenesis, crippling long term potentiation, altering neurotransmitter release via aberrant voltage gated calcium channel activation (all of this is ion channel mediated, with the exception of some cases where DNA acts as a fractal antenna and suffering deleteriously altered electron transport), increasing blood brain barrier permeability, upregulating amyloid beta synthesis and driving down melatonin release, reducing your sperm count and otherwise damaging DNA of the germ line progenitor cells, causing brain damage via upregulation of calcium mediated cellular machinery activity (via calmodulin, etc) subsequent increase in iNOS activity, increase of intracelluar NO, and ultimately formation of peroxynitrite leading to cell damage and apoptosis.

But yeah, you got to play with your nice little convenient wireless toys, right? That makes it all worth it. Definitely couldn’t just pull a goddamn $30 cat-7 cable out there with you. Ethernet and all those confusing wires is just ssssoooo complicated. Too much wi-fi and cell phone in my brain, durrr! Bean inn pulsed field iz gud fur mee!

As a sidenote, chronically increased intracellular calcium does generally make for “faster” thought. But over a large array of tests it quickly becomes clear that quick thought is neither quality thought, nor efficient thought. It is dysfunctional thought. Explains a lot of human behavioral patterns that have become all too common over the last few years. Have fun with that hippocampal atrophy and early onset alzheimers / dementia, I suppose. Also, there is a link between ELF from (high voltage) power lines, house wiring, battery packs, and AC/DC converts, with the genesis of parkinsons.

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