There’s Nothing to Do because You Lack Imagination (aka why cities suck & the country is awesome)

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I have heard “There is nothing to do” so often from people living in remote areas. Yet, it really does not make sense when compared to the way people live in the city.

In actuality, the viable options are so far in the other direction that this is preposterous. If you believe that, you have been beguiled by some clever propaganda.

I will now list massively enjoyable activities that immediately pop in my head that you can do in a rural area that you absolutely cannot do in a city.

1) Cannot pee outside without the stress that you might get caught. You get caught in a rural area and you look and smile and laugh together.
2) Stop to smell the trees and flowers. You might have a few patches here or there, but never an open space with wild flowers that thrive. City people only get things that need constant care (also known as weak).
3) Shoot guns or throw knives. OMG ITS SO DANGEROUS! Take some chances with your life. Dangerous things are unbelievably fun.
4) Paint practically anything without a permit. Oh, you plan on beautifying your place. Well, here’s ten papers of beaurocratic nonsense that you got to fill out, wait for the committee of overpaid vipers decide if it is worth and pray that they approve it which probably will not happen without greasing some pockets. And all for something that would take 10 seconds to decide on in a rural environment.
5) Improve the landscape in any way. See item 4.
6) Have an easily accessible garden.
7) Drive faster than 20 mph at all hours of the day.
8) Play around in dirt.
9) Sing outside without that fear of ignominious stares glaring down upon you.
10) Look upon wildlife and appreciate their glorious existence.
11) Gaze upon the awe inspiring stars at night.
12) Cannot smoke in parks (FFS!) in NYC. All that bonding activity that happens between smokers, nope. Be a productive little scared being afraid of all dangerous activity shuttled from work to your little hovel!
13) Be alone outside. As Nietzsche said, “Any thought you cannot maintain while walking is not worth having.” Good luck clearing those pernicious thoughts out with all those constant distractions in a city.

Oh, but you can eat street food! And oh boy it’s good! Or you can drink great beer! As if extrinsic luxuries do anything but enervate your soul. The way to revivify yourself is by challenging yourself to achieve which is far more accessible in the countryside than in the city. Welding, metallurgy, gunsmithing, good luck doing that in a city.

And the women. What a shitty society we live in!

Men get in relationships with women who do not even cook for them any more. Sewing those clothes for your special other pretty much a dead art. That Benjamin Franklin effect whereby doing another a favour, the receiver of the favour is now looked upon more favourably. Gone. Vanished to never return until this terrible society crumbles.

That sense of pride of providing a worthwhile meal while looking at that hand sown garment that women used to greatly appreciate, now those activities are seen as beneath these “liberated” twats. No sense of pride in those relationships, just a continual interaction with a capricious cum bucket.

You truly lose your touch with reality living in a city. Your sense of reality, it’s gone. The only way to regain it in a city is to exceptionally well read (and no one reads anymore).

Those who are not well read
Are easily led
Asunder for another’s plunder
Living like a bunch of afraid sheep
Never to utter a hiss or even a peep

All the money is in the cities though so that gives people who live there this power complex. “I make x*y more than those schleps so that makes me better!” somehow that is how logic works. Or they get straight As in classes outside their actual intended purpose for schooling. Get all these pointless plaudits in dubious fields that enfeeble the mind (and once they work they don’t have the time to research all that tripe they now regurgitate). And then because someone with actual common sense or a modicum of doubt refutes their indoctrination, mind shut off because that would actually challenge what those experts told me was THE TRUTH! Get so many years of programming that they cannot ever question their ideological framework.

Funny how the folk
I have accrued the most from
Habe alles vorher verlorn und werden um ein neues Volk
One has to lose oneself to appreciate
Eine bessere Perspektive

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