Discerning a near car accident

posted by: Wesley Ismay

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I was almost in a car accident today.

I followed this white pickup down highway 160 in Colorado. Directly behind him he attempted a U-turn. No real concern for alerting others, just whip this bad boy around.
Then I saw the incoming white pickup from the opposite side. It swerved to try to avoid. It didn’t succeed. The U-ing got the brunt of the damage as he hit the incoming pickup with his front right side bumper.

The U-turn pickup turned about 50 degrees. Frightening it should be.

And I felt no shock. No adrenal rush at all.

I know that is what society tells me I should feel. The other witness directly behind me told me all those feelings. Previously tired, now wide awake.

For me though, all I have come to realise is what actions I should to take. Pull out phone, call 911, report the incident, wait for the highway patrol, make a statement and be gone.
This Indian looking witness driving behind me told me he was afraid of what others are capable of. This was like a major
event in his life.

This seems to be theme in my life compared to others.
For me, I had no control over the events, so I felt very little. Things outside of my control I care little for. Others wear their emotions on their sleeves based upon extrinsic environs.

If I cannot control the events, then why bother thinking about them?

I see, I hear, I discern and I immediately react.

Others have called me weird. I have done some weird things. Many times just to see how others react. Say preposterous perverse words. Act upon outrageous instincts. And in the end, how others react matters very little.

When they do react, their reaction no longer bothers me.

Because I have lived and I realise that my life does not matter all that much.

This is not a defeatist attitude. This is a liberating feeling.

From dust we came, from dust we will return. All I can do is make this experience a little better for myself and those around myself.

Wisdom is not found in some book. It is living a life you want to live. Despite all the pitfalls, despite what others think of you, despite what society tells you to react to.

Live life with what you respect and honour. The rest is just fluff.

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