Germany A Modern History by Marshall Dill, Jr. Excerpts

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Germany is a country of the middle. She has been conditioned by her proximity to the Slavic eas, the Latin south, and the Gallic West.

The major river systems which water it have served more often as avenues of communication than as barriers. Personal note: easy trade cultures & cultivates thought

6 important rivers: The Rhine



The Bructeri (Greek Βρούκτεροι; but Βουσάκτεροι in Strabo) were a Germanic tribe in Roman imperial times, located in northwestern Germany, in present-day North Rhine-Westphalia. Their territory included both sides of the upper Ems (Latin Amisia) and Lippe (Latin Luppia) rivers. At its greatest extent, their territory apparently stretched between the vicinities of the Rhine in the west and the Teutoburg Forest and Weser river in the east. In late Roman times they moved south to settle upon the east bank of the Rhine facing Cologne, an area later known as the kingdom of the Ripuarian Franks.

Weser River




and Vistula.

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