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Goal: Write my autobiography.
Difficulty: 4.8 out of 5.
Reasons: I am quite ashamed of many years and aspects of my life.
Real goal: Disclose all my adult life. Even all my shameful conduct.
Sidenote: Poker will not be the difficult aspect (as it has always been in my life).
My name is Wesley Ismay. I have played poker as a way to procure income for the last thirteen years of my life. There have been years, for what I consider, of great financial success over that period. Over the last nine months, I have made over six figures playing poker in the US. Two of the past 13 years I made over 200k+. Four of those 13 years though I made less than $10k which later I will get into (hopefully). The other years I meander around wondering why. Not only at my the life I lead, but at life in general. Sometimes I think I can bet where life will go, other times I don’t even think life has odds on where it could lead.
There have been hardships along the way. None of these I conclude include financial difficulties . I have never considered myself poor as an adult. I remember fondly the time that I filed an IRS tax return for 10x* what my parents made combined at any year in which I grew up previously. For I grew up western South Dakota which in of itself is a desolated area in regards to humanity. And even in that region I grew up in a sparsely populated area. I grew up in a town of 50, I was bused into school where the population was 150. I remember fondly the times when my parents would come back from Burger King from Sturgis (~25 miles away) to bring home something for me and my brother as a special treat. Fast food restaurants then was seen not as many see it as today in America as a last resort, but as THE luxury. The Whopper was not only a great marketing tool, but a huge whopping big deal to me and my brother.
My father grew up either as a farm hand whereby he could fulfill any job that the ranchers nearby would need doing or as his self-proclaimed business”Vale Leather and Upholstery” whereby he would fix any aberations the locals needed revivified/repurposed.

These job choices of my father were not a lucrative career nor even one that could pay the bills. My father declared bankruptcy upon a $50,000 credit card bill that he accrued when I was around nine. This bankruptcy seemed odd in that the paltry house and trailer house in which we lived in was paid for. I suppose $5k here and there every year over a ten year period, without the modest luxuries, can happen to anyone.
There was a time when I remember depositing $50 that I did not have onto Party Poker around 2005 when I was 18 to try to play a $30 MTT. I was allowed to deposit whereupon I quickly lost the money and had to face my father’s scolding. I overcharged without any plan as to what would happen if I lost. I got bailed out, although not this time from jail.
I still play poker for a living which seems odd. In that if I told myself fifteen years ago that I would have been able to do this, I would have been incredulous to the point of stupification.
Actually, that would be an understatement as to what and where I am today. Ten years ago, I was at the peak of resignation of where I was. I had just been at the pinnacle of my existence. Three straight months of $50k+ months, travel throughout North America and a trip to Ireland, that would have been far beyond my wildest dreams growing up in the middle of nowhere South Dakota.
Now, a little wiser. A bit more chronologically older, although I feel more grateful that today at the age of 31 I feel revivified as the curious specter on my purview has increased exponentially. That could be due to the massive caffeine or that three year undertaking (with a two month break) of doing a powerlifting base alongside a daily walking routine.

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